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  • Girl - Layette/Newborn
  • Pant(s)
  • Capri(s)/Cropped/Clamdigger(s)/Knicker(s) Pant(s)
  • Cargo Capri(s)/Cropped/Clamdigger(s)/Knicker(s) Pant(s)

Outlet Exclusive - Rose Pink canvas capri cargo pants with embroidered giraffe and flowers
Retail version is sweet leaf green with applique giraffe and crochet 3 D flowers

240531989 = 6-12 mos

Item #

Size: 0-3 mos 3-6 mos 6-12 mos

  • Slim
  • Regular
  • Husky/Plus
  • Fabric 100% Cotton
  • Primary Rose Pink

Gymboree Outlet 9 Dot Box Tag Orange Tag c2008 Rose Pink Embroidered Giraffe Flowers Cargo Capris Photo Credit mjoseph472 of eBay 240531989

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