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Believed to be from 1995 based on a baby photo.
Do you know the month of release or the line name? Would love to hear from you!


Boy – Baby/Toddler


Puppy Dog Tow Truck Dump Truck Police Car Skip Loader Tractor Truck Road Signs Mint Green Baby Blue Yellow White Gymboree Rainbow Tag RBYG No Date RN# Only Circle Retail Tag Clown Retail Tag


  • 3e8c208ab8d08d93867002ead5e861ef_medium
  • 6f3782e7dafe9ef0c8b8f61360b1ce6f_medium
  • 9faec12f2ebcd289172b5d094daf95e1_medium
  • 8e6450e4baf4c1d81b0ca1d3249a46a7_medium
  • Fe6cf877986b342038bdd6f26f960bc4_medium
  • 61c9c3804a2df2119b9be36ac0ac22f6_medium
  • 58d3030e89bbf9ddf5071f1c8c1c2bc8_medium
  • 4071fbfefddea4ab90e69ff625d67923_medium