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Unisex/Neutral - Layette/Newborn

2004 September Fall

Signature Layette Janie & Jack Janie And Jack 2004 September Fall Sweater KNit Basic Hat Cap Corduroy Gingham Trim Pants Socks Newborn Layette Baby Infant


  • 29922ae6ca88c0c7c6faf23e2e4b3fdc_medium
  • 529af4ba2d55aebb258dc5b1bd3c8532_medium
  • 6e5b8bdee531a23e917cb524780320f4_medium
  • Cbf7dfd3cf6ac4e9ed0d5212f93c5237_medium
  • 631300245956193ee4a1760f1401ca2a_medium
  • 1acaac450c292015c8d138061a159c87_medium
  • 536a87d6d4f8ad61456a1a17fb47e8a5_medium
  • 53d73e502f1ca9eb41fc5a62b665f66a_medium
  • 8bdf57e03004a05429c917f2ba86d744_medium