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The items collected in this line are from the Gymboree "no name" period, and are typically styled for the late summer, back-to-school, and fall seasons. The line was nicknamed "Forget Me Not" for the presence of small blue flowers in the various details. 

  • Kid Girl sizes have Dark Purple, Red, Orange, Pink 4 dot Tag (c) 2000
  • Baby Girl sizes have Orange, Aqua, Purple, Ivory 4 dot Tag (c) 2000


Girl - Kid

2000 Fall

tulips flowers girls winter salmon lime green citron periwinkle blue floral ditsy pink fleece denim lavender purple 2000 Gymboree Four Dot Tag 2000 Tag No Name Forget Me Not Flower


  • Ce03b3111467c8256b469cac90954f5d_medium
  • Caf04fb6133e5fe9fe1aa25ebbdb2f9d_medium
  • B75a0654cdca992f5edbacfd59019c93_medium
  • 0be599143c8bfb2866c260a29e8ef619_medium
  • F14d8e81be4f1595cb26c1929a9c7ce1_medium
  • 98ee8ed4f8cf442c14e69b2d5bc442fc_medium
  • A6f2870b58c2b61966e39192c681657a_medium
  • C47def953c581c394af932cd69550c84_medium
  • 137ce50e5641276f6ad07b0bdf65e093_medium
  • 81b4fd0d36991f9b94f93cef41d01709_medium
  • F5264a4d54b020d7ebd5f20ee9093500_medium
  • 5089b903cb8ac1cb05184aa4827aaa16_medium
  • E7309aa170b8fd4a197ee9fd519e545f_medium
  • 72f7ffa91c9277ea7bdbdcd6428d38b6_medium
  • Ad4e5802b784729837126cdd97d4405c_medium